3 Shocking COURT Secrets Judges Don't Want You to Know.

Most people believe to manage their own case and win in court they require...

  • Legal experience
  • Extensive knowledge
  • Certifications

The reality is... you don't. Most people don't know the law or their rights so I teach people court secrets judges don't want us to know. I'm not an attorney, I'm a mother who got tired of corrupt cops, prosecutors and judges taking advantage of innocent people.

My goal is to deliver massive value so you can navigate the legal system confidently in your own court case. Back when I began my own journey in legal research, I had no legal background and minimal training. Now that I have empowered thousands of non-attorneys with legal education who were transformed into successful self-advocates in just weeks, not years or decades...

Now you can unlock the same insights in my online course with LIVE TRAINING. It's all about taking your fear of the legal system, legal issues, and court cases... And turning those experiences into a foundation of legal knowledge so you'll know your rights and how to protect yourself in court. It is the foundation of law in plain language that will change and empower you forever.

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Secret #1: How to Make Sure the Court Officials Follow the Law in Your Case

Whether you are a beginner, novice, or seasoned legal researcher, you can begin to build the foundational knowledge to turn the tide in your favor, even if you observe corrupt actions and behaviors from the judge


Secret #2: How to Preserve and Protect Your Rights in One Day

Discover the secret strategy that attorneys use to file paperwork in court that makes your paperwork look like a seasoned professional even if you are managing your own case for the first.


Secret #3: How to Handle Your Court Case with Key Legal Education Formerly Reserved for Attorneys and Judges

If you're focused, coachable, and READY to follow through with the proven steps I show you, you can LEVEL UP your legal knowledge in just 30 minutes.



  • Beginner, novice, professional. Young, old, single, parent, grandparent.
  • No legal experience? Doesn't matter.
  • What matters is that you have the DRIVE, PASSION, and DESIRE to be successful.
  • If you're FOCUSED, COACHABLE and READY to follow through with the PROVEN STEPS I show you.
  • You will level up in law as a powerful, self-advocate who walks into the courtroom confident and fully prepared to handle your own case.
  • You'll have access to our private town hall discussions where big ideas are shared amongst free-thinking like-minded people.

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The content is very informative. Anelia Sutton, you are amazing, and thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!!” A. JOYCE -

This was so awesome. I’m in so much need of this.” JERROD F -

A great and awesome material to set the trapped free. The truth always wins and Anelia has done a great job that will help millions of people to be set free It’s a blessing. Thanks a million to Anelia and GOD bless.” BALTO W -

This is very informative and helpful, Thank you.” ROSIE J -

Anelia Sutton, YOU are Dream Woman !!! For Real you are an Inspiration and just totally awesome. I can tell that you are REAL, NOT fake at all and I wish that all women were like you. I am so glad I found your site/s and I appreciate ALL that you're doing to help EVERYONE!!! Much Love.” TEDDY D -

Thank u for all u do.” J. BALE -


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Who's Behind this Free Course?


Dr. Anelia Sutton began doing legal research when her daughter was railroaded in court with lies. She learned from experience that the justice system is corrupt to the core and it is run by self-serving prosecutors and judges to take advantage of innocent people who don't know their rights.

Anelia is the founder of IRON Sharpens IRON Council and Mission Possible University to equip a new generation with the skills to win against corruption in the courtrooms by leveling the playing field in our individual and collective quest for justice.

Anelia is actively building a nation of empowered women and men through her various humanitarian projects including social justice films to inspire advocacy and activism.

“My content on social media and courses in Mission Possible University is already changing lives because it’s easy to learn and to execute – something I WISH existed when I began my own journey in legal research.”

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